Make it personal…

In the recent days, we have experienced one of the greatest natural disaster ever recorded. In the Philippines, thousands of people have died and many more are unaccountable for. Many areas of the country have been destroyed and it will take years of efforts, investments, tears but also hope to rebuild. Working for an organisation like World Vision, oblige you to be closer to the tragedy because friends are working hard to organise, witness, transport, report, mobilise, advocate, support, pray and fund raise. So make it personal too. Donate if you can, talk about it with your friends, family and children, be engaged if you have the time.In the case, you are too busy, please stop for a second and allow a little bit of your humanity to reach out to the survivors, my courageous colleagues and all the other dedicated Aid partners too. Just make it personal. Thank you for them.

Today, we are all refugees.

I came to Australia 15 years ago. I arrived at the door of this country under a business visa with money and professional sponsorship.

Several years later, when I decided to emigrate here, I just had to sign a few papers, proof few facts about my lifestyle and to go through a basic health check. I remember the comment of a nurse during the check up: “we need more people like you instead of…you know.”

Oh yes… I know too well, that under Australian perception and prejudice, I was different: a French guy with education and more money than others.

Today, I am an Australian by choice and love. Today, my government took an abject decision towards refugees.

It is not about taking away the right to settle to Australia. It is about taking away the hope, the security and the willingness to contribute with dignity to our beautiful land.

Today, we have closed our door to refugees and on our humanity.