Photo 003 - Untitled

Photo 003 – Untitled

I have a lot of admiration for people who are able to nurture their passion for an entire life. I respect and envy the consistency of their love and dedication. My new friend is not the richest but he collects paintings and sculptures from various parts of West Africa with consistency and with a compromising ability to persuade his wife to allow him to do so. He doesn’t make big declaration on why he loves a piece instead it is about emotions usually a first impression. It is as simple as this. When I saw this piece earlier today, I felt very jealous because I will not see it every day… It talked to me vividly and I don’t have the ability to capture my sentiments for it with words. Why should I anyway?


#dakarproject - Dakar design
#dakarproject – Dakar design

Photo 002

I studied Arts in France. I was able to enjoy indigenous and modern art in Australia with even a little bit of capacity to own some. However, I was not expecting to witness the expression of a vibrant artistic community in Dakar. I was wrong and happy of it.

My friends love design and Art. Experiencing rich of flavours, beautiful and healthy African food in a perfectly designed home was not like any ordinary Saturday. Next discovery: few Senegalese Art Galleries…