Dare to Believe – Movie trailer

“Dare to Believe” is a documentary series which outlines the story of World Vision’s vision, mission, contribution and ministries in West Africa. The 5 films focus on five key themes, which will encompass the above: History, Advocacy and Interfaith, Emergencies, Development Programs and Opportunities for the future.
The aim of this series is to distil and articulate World Vision West Africa’s major past, present and future challenges, successes and opportunities working with the poor and vulnerable.

Filmed by Andrew Oberstadt, hosted by Dave Toycen, concept and production by Bruno Col

View the trailer:

Dare to Believe: trailer

mera peak | impressions प्रभाव

Few months ago, I have experienced an amazing personal experience in Nepal. For our hiking group, this short film is a great reminder of the beauty of Nepal and its people. It is not a trekking film per se – instead, an exhilarating “rush” made of moments of joy and contentment, experienced together on the way to Mera Peak. Enjoy!