The #dakarproject is not a new idea, it has been done before: capturing 365 photos over a year. Each photo will have a background story as part of my daily life in Dakar, Senegal. I hope that this personal project will provide you with the desire to know more about Africa or for some of you to love Africa even more.

Photo 001: The heart of Africa.

In Dakar, I don’t have a car. Everyday, I meet a new taxi driver. Some of them are quiet, others are very chatty. This morning, the young driver was silent. It was an early start of the day, I was tired myself. The silence was comforting for both of us.

The “heart of Africa” was suspended on the inside mirror. The heart is a cheap tourist memorabilia but I liked it and it amused me, moving around after each bump or hole on the road (you can have many of them in the rugged streets of the city). The driver saw me looking at it and he gently said “Do you like Africa?”, I looked at him and carefully replied in French “yes I do…very much so”. He didn’t respond and drove me to my destination in silence.

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