My daughters

I have three daughters. I call them the girls or sometimes “les filles”. They live far away from me in another part of the world.

Love has no boundaries – it is my desperate way to convincingly build my defence mechanism, the persuasion that I am right to live away from them. I miss their smiles, their giggles and open mockery of my accent. I miss the few cuddles that they still allow themselves to give, I miss the “whatever” and pre-teen attitudes. I miss the weird music, the expressions and other oddities of their young lives.

My daughters, forgive me for my decision. It was not to punish you but just my way to be a source of inspiration and to provide you with an open window to the world.
For you, I have much love, different perspectives and experiences to offer. I hope that you are still seeing me as the supportive and caring line coach of your lives.

I love you, every day,

I love you for what you are bringing to the world today,

I love you for what you are destined to become in the future.

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