First words…

This is it… I have set up my blog, picked a template, photo, colours and fonts. I have even bought a bottle of American bourbon if I feel uninspired! It is ready to welcome my thoughts and my stories.

I always knew that it will be hard to start to write on a blank page. My challenge is to write using my second language and to preserve as much as I can the integrity of my adopted dialect.

I have find the courage to dive into it by looking at my bookshelves and my books populating them. My all time favourite author is American writer John Irving. I love his use of the words, his quirkiness and the constant originality of his storytelling. In The World According To Garp, Irving finished his novel by this sentence “But in the world according to Garp, we are all terminal cases.” Garp’s universe is made of harsh reality, humour, vivid humanity… A rich tapestry of conflicted emotions.

I am wondering who are we, what and who I am in the world according to Bruno… Can I reflect on my personal world, contradictions, emotions and certitudes in a blog? I think I can…I think I should.

Support me, feedback to me and most of all enjoy my imperfect vision of the world.

Sand Storm

DSCF2475Sand StormWorld Vision maintains a comprehensive waste management programme in Azraq Refugee Camp, ranging from solid waste management, to trash collection with the support of Syrian incentive based volunteers. 15 to 20 tonnes of trash is collected and some recycled everyday.

Today, I was with World Vision Korea to tell the story of the programme and these workers. Suddenly, a sand and hail storm rose upon us… with @dailylife.of.mine #azraqrefugeecamp #azraq #jordan #syria #humanitarian #syriacrisis #worldvision #worldvisionkorea

Peace for Syria

Yesterday, I was filming one of World Vision’s educational programme in the outskirts of Amman. The programme aims to empower Syrian refugee children and youth within Jordan’s host communities by improving their quality of life through active social engagement, integration and participation. This little girl gave me a thank you card after an afternoon together and her classmates. It was profoundly touching.

Peace must prevail in Syria. Have a thought, a prayer or spare a donation in support of such projects which are making a real difference in the life of these kids.Version 2

Dare to Believe – Movie trailer

“Dare to Believe” is a documentary series which outlines the story of World Vision’s vision, mission, contribution and ministries in West Africa. The 5 films focus on five key themes, which will encompass the above: History, Advocacy and Interfaith, Emergencies, Development Programs and Opportunities for the future.
The aim of this series is to distil and articulate World Vision West Africa’s major past, present and future challenges, successes and opportunities working with the poor and vulnerable.

Filmed by Andrew Oberstadt, hosted by Dave Toycen, concept and production by Bruno Col

View the trailer:

Dare to Believe: trailer

mera peak | impressions प्रभाव

Few months ago, I have experienced an amazing personal experience in Nepal. For our hiking group, this short film is a great reminder of the beauty of Nepal and its people. It is not a trekking film per se – instead, an exhilarating “rush” made of moments of joy and contentment, experienced together on the way to Mera Peak. Enjoy!